According to Jung Eun Pyo; Actually, Soohyun is a playful boy who likes joking. But he is very manly as well and cannot say chessy words. When delivering the line ‘I’ll take my clothes off for your sake”, after hearing the director said “CUT”, he immediately shouted out "Oh! Oh!

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overdose of kim minseok


when Lay still doesn’t know how to button up his shirt.

goodbye wolf+growl era with zitao condition, more stupid condition to come in new era

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KIM SOO HYUN; He has a habit of covering his mouth when laughing. According to psychological interpretation, he subconsciously covers his mouth when he laughs to hide his overflowing masculinity.

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Jongdae's flirting with cam compilation for anonymous

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kris looks like he straight up came from twilight


'how long have you been 17'



the things xiumin does

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  • Xiumin: *exists*
  • Luhan: *heavy breathing*

"you’ll be working in groups"

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